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Robert Anchipolovsky


MARCA Reeds 




G&A Eddie Gofman 


In 1992-1996 Studied in New York under direction of Mr.Phil Woods. 1996 back to Israel since then he has formed and lead several bands in the country.


Since 2002 Robert Anchipolovsky working in popular international television Show ” 7:40 ” He continues to participate in jazz festivals all over the world and his career includes work with legendary musicians from the first line such as: Phil Woods, Valery Ponomarev, Randy Brecker, Brian Linch, Larry Willis, Curtis Fuller, Stive Turre, Louis Hayes, Jimmy Cobb, Mulgrew Miller, John Hicks, Jim Rotondy, Deborah Brown, Kevin Mahogany, Dena Derose, Kirk Lightsey, Odean Pope, Tecora Rogers.


Taking jazz on traditional main-stream, Anchipolovsky has established himself as a virtuoso instrumentalist, a brilliant performer and an artist passionately committed to his music. The intensive concert appearances were combined with musician’s participation in big jazz contests. Robert Anchipolovsky plays with powerful intensity, sophisticated technique and remarkable sensitivity. Anchipolovsky is constantly continuing to innovate and to renew his repertoire and styles.


While in Europe,he has performed and recorded with some of the finest European musicians such as: Tony Pancella, Pietro Iodice,Massimo Moriconi, Massimo Manzi, Bepi D’Amato, Max Ionata, Jamie O’Donnell, Ruslan Sirota, Igor Butman, Denis Matzuev, Daniel Kramer.


In 2004 has received the first premium on International Massimo Urbani Award “I.M.U.A.” 2004


Robert Anchipolovsky has participated in many jazz festivals in Israel,Europe,Russia and USA, including the Wichita Jazz Festival, Paris International Jazz Festival, Jazz Blues & Video Tape Festival, Festival Of Israel, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Camerino Jazz Festival, Chieti Jazz Festival, Umbria Winter Jazz Festival, Ptashka Jazz Festival At Sea, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Hermitazh Garden Jazz Festival, Baikal Jazz Festival, Aqua Jazz Festival, White Nights Swing, Rostov Jazz Festival, and the GG Jazz Festival.


“Robert is one of the most talented young alto sax& clarinet players I ever heard” (Phil Woods)

“Robert is one of the greatest alto players” (Larry Willis)

“Robert is a soulful musician with super technique. I enjoy his playing.His future looks very promising.” (Curtis Fuller)

“Robert is one of the premier alto saxophonists of new generation'” (James Spaulding)



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