Our Mouthpieces

Z series: Wi & Fi with Zinner Chamber

Z3 recommend to Playnick B2 and Silverstein LEO 101

Z4 recommend to Solist M and Silverstein LEO 102

Solo and Orchestra series: Quick respond and The Elegant Sound

S0 recommend to B40

S1 recommend to B40 lyre

S3 recommend to BD5

S4 recommend to M30 BD7

Ebonite series:Traditional sound

E0 recommend to B40

E1 recommend to B40 lyre

E3 recommend to BD5 and B2

E4 recommend to M30 BD7 and Solist M

G series: For German System Clarinet

G2  recommend to M30D

W   recommend to Solist M and the player with Wurlitzer who want to lower intonation


Es Clarinet Mouthpiece


JLL        Es Clarinet Mouthpiece

We develop this model with our artist Javier Llopis who is the world popular clarinetist.

We make the player could play with B flat reeds and feel like play with B flat clarinet also the sound is much darker like B flat clarinet.

NO More Screaming!

Bass Clarinet  Mouthpiece

Recommend to B50

Alto Clarinet  Mouthpiece

Recommend to Alto BD5

Contra Alto Clarinet  Mouthpiece

Recommend to Selmer  C*

Contra Bass Clarinet  Mouthpiece

For 2 1/2 to 3 Reeds