Replication & OEM/ODM

Replication Project with new Technology


With the advanced Technology from Willie and Fitz Workshop we can do replication not only the facing but also the chamber and bore.

This is also the core technology for us to produce Zinner mouthpiece Blank.

Replication Project

In this project.

This mouthpiece is no longer produced.

But this customer has only one of this so he wants to do a replication.

How do we do this

We build 3D model in cad software including outside shape, facing and bore diameter.

Then produce with our unique Technology.

The replication

This is the replication we have done.

Not only outside but also the inside chamber is perfectly replicated.


Enjoy the "new" and fantastic Wi&Fi mouthpiece! 



Because of our unique Technology.

The large quantity for OEM/ODM  Is not necessary.

So if you have interesting in your own brand of mouthpiece please don’t hesitate to contact us.