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Gaetano Falzarano



Gaetano Falzarano graduated at the School of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples. He took lessons with the teacher of clarinet  R. Di Costanzo. 

Later, he improved his  playing skills with Jack Brymer,

Glen Martin and Alessandro Carbonare.

He was the first eligible at the clarinet and E-flat clarinet audition

for the opera - symphony Orchestra of the  Teatro San Carlo in Naples with which he collaborated  since 1992 to 1998.

From 1998  to 2012 he was a stable member of  the band of  Financial guard.

He played under the direction of internationalnational artistic conductors like: G.Kun, D.Oren, P.Maag,   M. Rota, O. Magar, K. Martin , Z Mehta, K. Nagano, S. Mercurio, R. Paternostro ecc.

He awarded six national and international competitions.

Solo Clarinet of the Wind Simphonietta directed by G. Mola with whom he has  collaborated  since 1992 untill now.


He recorded for the Edi-Pan-Roma , Kicco Music-Milano,and also for theRai radio studios in Rome.

He recorded the integral compositions for clarinet written by the composer Ciro Ferrigno at the Santa Barbara e Studio&Studio majors.

From 2007 to 2010 he was the artistic director of the European youth Symphonic Orchestra of Valmontone foundation, with which he recorded his live concert K622 in A major by W. A. Mozart.

Since 2003 He has been teacher for the yearly course of improvement of the clarinet techniques  organized by the musical organization “Unasp-Acli music project of Airola (BN)”.

He performed and still does in the most prestigious international Theatre halls in  Italy, Tunisy, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, New York, China and Japan.

In the accademic year 2005-2006, he got a  II level certificate thanks to the study with the professor G. Russo at the  School of music “S. Cecilia” in Rome with full marks and honours.

Since 2013 he has been first solo clarinet at the “Orchestra Filarmonica” directed by Daniel Oren at the G. Verdi theatre  in Salerno.

Now he is tenured professor of clarinet at the “G.Martucci” Conservatory of Salerno.

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